This picture is the scene where Lady Bercilak seduces Sir Gawain in the the morning of the first day when her husband goes hunting. As we can see, she is sitting on his bed while he is still sleeping. As described in the poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,Gawain just wants to know what the lady's purpose is, by pretending he is asleep. The purpose of the seduction is to test whether Gawain is as noble as what everyone says.

Lady Bercilak

This is the head of Lady Bercilak. She is Bercilak's wife, who is young and beautiful. From her hair, we can see that she wears expensive jewlery. Also she is very careful not to wake up Sir Gawain. Back to the top

Sir Gawain
This is Sir Gawain sleeping. However, he is just pretending when he sees the lady comes in his room and waits for her next move.Back to the top

Here we see Sir Gawain's bare shoulders. Obviously, he is naked under the blanket. Therefore, only a piece of blanket separates him from the lady as she speaks sitting on the side of his bed. Back to the top

From this portion of the picture, we can see that Lady Bercilak is already sitting on Gawain's bed. In addition, her dress reveals the well-formed body that she has. Back to the top

The hand of the lady is touching Sir Gawain's chin. She is very careful not to wake him up. That is also a very seductive move. It appears as if they are a couple that is deeply in love. Back to the top