1. siege - a military operation in which an army tries to capture a town, etc by surrounding it and stopping the supply of food etc to the people inside

2. perfidy - actions which betray a person or a principle (treachery)

3. haughty - (of people or their manner) believing or showing the belief that one is superior to others

4. reign - a period during which there is a lot of violence and many people are killed by the ruler or people in power

5. repair - to visit a place, especially frequently or in large numbers

6. sojourn - to stay in a place away from one's home for a time

7. blunder - a stupid or careless mistake

8. baron - a nobleman of the lowest rank

9. bred - somebody (as something) to train or educate somebody as they grow up

10. devise - to create or invent a plan, a system, an object, etc by careful thought

11. gaiety - the state of being gay and cheerful

12. din - continuing loud unpleasant noise

13. comeliest - pleasant to look at; attractive