This is a picture of the Green Knight hurtling into King Arthur's dining hall. As we can see, by holding up an ax, the Green Knight is very disrespectful to the king, for such action normally suggests that one is here to cause trouble. Although we know that the Green Knight means no harm to the king, for he only wants to play a game, any normal person will feel endangered by his sudden entrance. We can also see from this picture that Gawain, as brave as he has been, is trying to settle the situation with the Green Knight so that the king and the queen can continue to enjoy their feast.

This is the Green Knight that hurtles into the dining hall as everyone is about to be served their main course. He is thought to be an immortal spirit from some magical land and superior to the knights in the courte. He is here to defy King Arthur's court because its reputation is underserving. Also, he is here to test Sir Gawain to see if he is really the most noble knight. (Return to top)

This is the ax the Green Knight holds in his hand when he enters the dining hall. Thus, it is a symbolism that there's possible danger to the court. Also, this is the ax the Green Knight offers to give as a gift if anyone dares to accept his beheading challenge. (Return to top)

This is the horse the Green Knight rides on. Its greenish color symbolizes that, like its owner, it may also be an immortal. Thus, since it is suggested that it's power is equivalent to that of the Green Knight, we can assume that the artist is also trying to say that even a horse is better than the rest of the knights in the hall. (Return to top)

This is Sir Gawain, the most noble knight in the court. Although he describes himself as being the weakest and youngest, he is actually the bravest and courteous of all. Here in the picture, it appears that Gawain is trying to settle the problem with the Green Knight. He agrees to accept his challenge for the sake of King Arthur and the court's reputation. (Return to top)

This is King Arthur. According to the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, he is the nicest and kindest king. However, he is a little bit childish. Thus, he is actually not the best king, in terms of ruling and leading his men. As we can see, he seems ignorant as to how to make peace talk with the Green Knight. (Return to top)

This is Queen Guenevere. According to the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, she is the perfect queen, without any flaws. However, in Morte Darthur, she commits adultery. But whatever the case, in this picture, she appears to be a good queen because she doesn't run off from the king when there's danger. (Return to top)