In human history, women have always been thought to be inferior. They have been disregarded and considered physically weak. As a matter of fact, we can pull out some examples from Beowulf to illustrate their situation. Their status is apparently below that of men, and they were treated like objects rather than as human beings during the Anglo-Saxon period.

The epic Beowulf clarifies that women had low status at that time. For instance, there are a lot of feuds between tribes; in order to get peace, the leader of each tribes use marriage to try to unite warring groups. Women are used as the tool to create peace between opposing tribes. Unfortunately, marriage likes that does not give great help in the situation. Womenís sacrifices have been meaningless. At the same time, they are treated like objects since no one is consulted about their view of marriages and is cared for their feelings whatsoever.

In addition, men think it is womenís responsibility to help to keep peace between tribes, that is, to marry their enemy. Even the princess has to participate in this marriage strategy. Also, whenever there are feasts, even the queen and the princess have to serve the knights and heroes like servants. Consequently, we can see once again that women are subordinate to men.

Another example from Beowulf of how women are presented as inferior is when the author describes the attack by Grendelís mother. It mentions that Grendelís motherís attack isnít as terrible as Grendelís because the strength of a woman is weaker. However, there is no way to prove that womenís strength is weaker than that of men. Women can also be good fighters if they know the trick to fight. Thus, the author has stereotypes about women that are physically weaker than that of men.

In conclusion, the epic Beowulf, gives high rank to the heroes. On the other hand, it points out an idea the women are weak and that they have to rely on men. Since they are marked as no contribution to the society, women had low status and were thought to be an inferior in old days. Fortunately, this situation changes a lot in todayís society and we no longer see this unequal treatment. It is because fighting is not the basic skill to survive in todayís society. Luckily, todayís women can earn money and take care of their family at the same time. They may even have more accomplishment than men.