Dr. Bel Raggad


Bel G. Raggad is currently an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Pace University, Westchester, New York.  Dr. Raggad obtained his Ph.D., in 1989, from the Department of Management Science and Information Systems at Pennsylvania State University, University Park.


Dr. Raggad’s main research interest includes Decision Support and Internet/Information Security. In Decision Support, Dr. Raggad is interested in Data Mining and Approximative Analysis (Fuzzy Set Theory, Belief Functions, Genetic Computing, Neural Computing, and Possibility Theory). In Information Security, Dr. Raggad is interested in Security Policy Design, Intrusion Detection Systems, and the ISO 15408.


Dr. Raggad has published in several first-tier journals, such as the Journal of Computer Information Systems, the Journal of Information Processing and Management, the Journal of Managerial Decision, the Journal of Logistic Information Management, the Journal of Industrial Management and Data Systems, and others.

His professional Web site is: http://csis.pace.edu/~braggad

His office phone is: (914) 773-3448

Email is: braggad@pace.edu