Computer Science 1

Joseph Bergin - - Pace University, New York

I have been involved recently in developing materials for CS1. One of these projects is an updating of the book "Karel the Robot," Richard Pattis. Wiley, 1984 . The new book is titled

A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object Oriented Programming"

It has just been published by John Wiley & Sons. This book is an introduction to computer programming in either C++ or Java. This book is intended for the first third of a CS1 course and introduces all low level programming concepts such as loops and if statements, as well as programming with classes.

I have also been developing materials for a book to complete a CS1 course that begins with Karel++. I have developed many C++ classes for this project. Some of these classes are available below. A Java version of these materials will also be available.

Two chapters of this new book are now available on line.

"The Object is Computer Science".

Additional materials, including C++ code.

CS1 files (text format).

All of these files are copyrighted. You may use them but not re-publish them in any form. I welcome your suggestions on these materials.

Descriptionsof the files (text format).

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