Papers by James Martin

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PLoP.pdf Patterns: PLoP, PLoP -- fizz, fizz 44K Process.pdf 20-Aug-97 14:05 9K abcpvf.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 49K acv.pdf Acyclic Visitor 25K button.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 64K casestud.pdf Analysis by Noun Lists and Use Cases : A Case Study 71K collab.pdf Collaboration 60K crosscst.pdf 05-May-97 15:38 20K dih.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 30K dip.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 29K etscs.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 18K granularity.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 38K isp.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 27K javacpp.pdf Java and C++ A critical comparison 29K jplversion.pdf 02-Jun-97 12:09 201K lsp.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 30K ocp.pdf The Open-Closed Principle 69K ooadpcpp.pdf OO(A,D,P(c++)) 81K oodmetrc.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 32K owarii.pdf 20-Jun-97 11:19 35K plop96ax.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 90K prinood.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 26K privateInterface.pdf 20-Aug-97 18:22 52K realwrld.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:50 71K stability.pdf 08-Mar-97 09:05 37K taskmast.pdf 09-Mar-97 11:27 42K umlClassDiagrams.pdf UML Tutorial: Part 1 -- Class Diagrams. 18K umlCollaborationDiagr+ UML Tutorial: Collaboration Diagrams 33K underlay.pdf 09-Mar-97 09:51 101K