Karel R Tuesday

Welcome to the Ruby version of the Karel programming system. Karel R Tuesday provides a gentle introduction to the art of dynamic object-oriented programming using the Ruby programming language.

It is currently available both in print and in E-Book formats.

The EPub version is available at the ITunes Store. You can read this version on an IPhone or IPad or using any EPub reader on a computer. It is also compatible with Android tablets with an appropriate reader.

The Kindle version is available at Amazon.com. You can read this version on your Kindle or on a computer using a compatible Kindle reader.

Print is available at Amazon.

Karel R Tuesday Cover Table of Contents

The simulation software to execute Robot Code in Ruby is Here. This is a zipped Eclipse Project that you can import. For use in other systems, you will need to unzip it. See the installation page.

To install Ruby and a suitable development environment for Karel R Tuesday look at the installation page (here).

The Documentation for the simulator, including a few additional options not described in the text is here.

If you don't have a dedicated device for reading electronic books you can get an application.

Last Updated: July 2, 2023