Data Structures Programming with the Standard Template Library

Joseph Bergin

Pace University, NYC

The first printing contained the following errors.

Last Updated: June 1, 2002

Page 	Line 		Error
49	-13		swap(elements, lastLow, i);
194	-15		search for the first location...

241	-15		{   bool operator()(char* s1, char* s2)

276	1		union confuse

276	twice		It is not technically an error, but is inefficient 
			coding to have strlen(c) appear in for loop tests. 
			I usually depend on a compiler optimizer to save
			me from such inefficiencies, but the code should 
			really be re-written to avoid this. 

(Negative line numbers are counted from the bottom of the page.)

Thanks to Mike Otten and Michael Wirz for pointing these errors out to the author.

If you discover other errors, please let me know. Joseph Bergin