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There are both undergraduate and graduate courses with similar intent and material. This page will hold some common content, with the specialized material at the links below.

CS241 Data Structures and Algorithms I (Undergraduate)

CS606 Fundamental Computer Science II (Graduate)

If these two courses are taught together, they will share certain communication mechanisms: A mailing list, and a WIKI. The instructor will give instructions for their use. Please do not link to them or the spammers will overwhealm us.


How to set up Eclipse along with JUnit. (PDF)

We will need Eclipse (Version 3 or later), JUnit (Version 4), and Java (Java 5 or later).


JUnit (comes with eclipse also):

Java: (For a Macintosh, get Java from Apple, not from Sun:, You need OS 10.4 to run Java 5)

Last Updated: August 29, 2007