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available(OrderItem). Method in class orderprocessing.InventoryManager
Tells if a given order can be filled now


clone(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem
Customer(String, String, String). Constructor for class orderprocessing.Customer


display(). Method in class orderprocessing.Customer
display(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
Display the information about what will ship, including extended prices and a total
display(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order
display(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem
displayExtended(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem


fireOrders(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderGenerator


generateInvoice(Order). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderProcessor
Generate an invoice from an order.


InventoryManager(). Constructor for class orderprocessing.InventoryManager
Invoice(Customer, Vector). Constructor for class orderprocessing.Invoice
Create an Invoice for a particular customer and a sequence of items ordered
itemNumber(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem


key(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
Return the invoice number
key(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order
Return the order number


main(String[]). Static method in class orderprocessing.OrderGenerator


newOrder(String, Vector, Date). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderProcessor
Generate an order object from string data sent to it


Order(Customer, Vector, Date). Constructor for class orderprocessing.Order
Create an Order for a particular customer and a sequence of items ordered
OrderGenerator(String). Constructor for class orderprocessing.OrderGenerator
OrderItem(int, long, double). Constructor for class orderprocessing.OrderItem
Create an order item for a given quantity of a certain item
orderProcessor. Static variable in class orderprocessing.OrderProcessor


quantity(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem


standardInventoryManager. Static variable in class orderprocessing.InventoryManager


toString(). Method in class orderprocessing.Customer
toString(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
toString(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order
toString(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem


unitPrice(). Method in class orderprocessing.OrderItem


what(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
what(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order
when(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
when(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order
who(). Method in class orderprocessing.Invoice
who(). Method in class orderprocessing.Order