Here is your Java exam


Download the workspace file (large file)

Unzip it to a convenient place. Remember the location.

Open Eclipse and in the initial screen, navigate to the folder from the zip. It is a complete workspace. Choose this as your workspace. You may need to (right click) refresh the project. If you don't get a dialog with the initial splash screen asking you to choose your workspace, then from within the program, select Switch Workspace from the File menu. Then navigate to the folder from the zip. Again, you may need to refresh.

Within the project you find there is a text file: midterm2010Stories.txt with the stories that go with the project. Some have been built and tested.

(1) Work on as many of the others as you have time for. I don't expect many of you to be able to finish all of them. The idea is to make progress in an intelligent way. Write tests for everything you do. They do not need to be done in order. Completed work on some stories is better than just changes to many. But if you get stuck, move on.

(2) Write me a short paper describing what you have done and the process you used to do it. This is a required part of the assignment. You might want to keep a log of your activities.

If you have questions ask them. I will probably send answers to the list.

This is strictly individual work. No sharing or discussion among yourselves is permitted for this exercise. But if you are stuck, ask. I am both your customer and your technical advisor.

It is due in my inbox ( by 10PM sharp on December 3 (Monday evening). Send me what you have then, even if you aren't done. Don't be late. Attach your java files and your summary paper (only) to your email. Do not send a zip - it will get blocked and no one will know. Please, JUST the java files and the summary.