Get Java

You will need at least Java 2 (Java 1.2). The Java home page is at the Sun site. Sun also provides Documentation and tutorials. A version of this comes with the Core Java book on CD-ROM. You should also load the documentation, which can be viewed with any web browser. JDK 1.3 is even better.

Both Java 1.1 and 1.2 and 1.3 are on Sun's Java CD.

If you use JDK you will need to set it up first. The integrated environments set themselves up when you install them.

If you use the JDK you need an editor to create Java files. Here is one that is free and integrated with the JDK. Dick Chase's Java Editor. You can also get (for $25) a version of Kawa (PC only) that is a nice project manger for Java. You will need to set up Kawa to use it.

Look at Java Developer Connection for information for Java developers. You may join for free.

If you prefer an integrated environment try:
CodeWarrior or Café or JBuilder. CodeWarrior is highly recommended and includes Java as well as C++ and Object Pascal. If you have one of these you don't need anything else, but make sure that it is at least Java 1.1 compliant.

J++ is strongly NOT recommended as it is not a complete implementation of Java. Visual Age is NOT recommended as its code is difficult (impossible) to read. The JDK is the cheapest alternative (free) but is awkward to use initially.

Currently the best browser for Java is Netscape 4.0.6 or later. Earlier versions do not support new features of Java. Get the latest version. Explorer 4 or later may or may not support the features you need. If you use Java 2 (Java 1.2) you may need to get a special plugin for it from the Sun site to get the code to run.

NOTE. You should establish a working directory that is NOT the Kawa (or other environment instalation) directory, and is NOT the Java instalation directory. Call it C:\MyProject or something. All of your source files go into this directory and perhaps subdirectories.

If you use Java on a UNIX machine and develop with EMACS then you might want to get JDE, The Java Development Environment for Emacs. Actually this works with any emacs, not just on Unix.

Last Updated: January 27, 2002