DPS in Computing




The Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing is intended to prepare working professionals to do research within the organization, focused on the practice of computing. While we do not actively discourage theoretical research, the focus is on the practice.

Third Year (Research)

The goal of the third and final year of the program is to enable the student to demonstrate the needed skills by the preparation of a dissertation acceptable to the faculty and industry mentor(s).

Second Year (Depth)

The goal of the second year is to prepare the student for the dissertation in the following year. The student will undertake a self directed program of study that will focus his or her efforts in a particular area. It is expected that the student will pick a topic for the dissertation during this year and will undertake a literature search in the topic. The student will also demonstrate readiness either through a comprehensive examination or through a paper published in a refereed journal or in a rigorously refereed national or international conference such as (list to be supplied).

In addition to the course work, the Research Seminar will continue, so that students will be exposed to a wide variety of research areas and methodologies.

First Year (Breadth)

The first year will prepare the student for research by surveying the field of computing giving a broad view of Computer Science, Information Systems, and Telecommunication Systems. Students will engage in a hands-on software development project using a state of the art, possibly controversial, partly untried, development methodology.

Computer Science. The broad topics of the three semesters of the first year are Software Development, Ethics and Human Values, and Modern Trends.

Information Systems. The broad IS topics of the first year are Systems Development - Analysis, Design, and Engineering

Telecommunication Systems. During the first year the Telecommuncations segment will focus on Data Communications, Networking, and Internet Applications.

Research Seminar. The seminar introduces the students to both the topics of current research of the Pace faculty and others and to a wide variety of research methodology.

Last updated: February 13, 2000