Learn HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

You only need to know a bit of this to present your project and documentation:

On-line resources
HTML HomePage
HTML Reference
Communicator Composer
Crash Course in HTML
(and more, but beware, the Java tutorial here is obsolete)
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Microsoft Word and WordPerfect can produce HTML documents automatically. Navigator Composer can also be used. Another good tool is RTFtoHTML which can be found on the web. Many of the instructor's web documents were produced from MS/Word files using this tool. An alternative is to use Adobe Acrobat for all but your applets.

I use the book: How To Use HTML 3, Scott Arpajian, Ziff Davis Press, 1996

This page was built with Dreamweaver by Macromedia. I also use Dreamweaver to manage my web site. My hardware platform is a Power Macintosh. The servers used are all UNIX machines from Sun Microsystems. I also publish documents using RTFtoHTML for documents written in MS/Word. Adobe Acrobat is also very helpful for publishing things such as spreadsheets and slide shows. If you use one of these tools you won't need to learn much at all of html.


Once you have a web page (html page) you need to publish it. You can find simple instructions for this at http://webpage.pace.edu/.


Last Updated: August 31, 2000