PLoP Conference Papers

In the interim between face to face sessions your group should pick one paper from one of the PLoP confrence sites and read and analyze it. Put an abstract of it on the wiki stressing who this is for and why it is important as well as some overview of the contents. You may be asked to comment on the papers in the face to face sessions as well.

Note that with a few exceptions, these are the original papers, before shepherding and improvement. So technically they are not yet "accepted" by the community. Our use is academic. If you want to use them otherwise, contact each author. Many of them have appeared elsewhere (e.g. in the PLoPD books) in a more refined state. The authors may also be willing to send you the latest version if you ask.

There are hundreds of papers here. Choose something that interests you. Better yet, choose five or six so you have a plan for the semester.