DPS 801

Computer Science Core

Welcome to the first Computer Science course in the Doctor of Professional Studies curriculum.This course will focus on the creation of software and the many aspects of that. It will integrate with DPS 821, which discusses software and systems generally from the standpoint of the user of the system. Here we will focus more on the implementer and maintainer of the software.

This course will be project based and students will build a fairly large project in a small team. This project will also be coordinated with DPS 821. The user's needs will be analyzed and a solution designed, documented, implemented, and delivered. The methodology used will be a form of rapid prototyping using Object Technology. The teams will not know the complete set of requirements at the start, as the users will give additional feedback as to needs after each prototype is delivered. Therefore both the design and the implementation must be designed to evolve. The entire project will be published continuously on the web.

The project will be documented using the Unified Modeling Language, and built using Java. Various kinds of patterns will be used throughout the develoopment--design patterns, analysis patterns, and organizational patterns especially. This project may take longer than one semester to complete.



Information About Patterns

Readings About Software Development

Java and Object Oriented Programming

UML and Responsibility Driven Design

Data Structures and Algorithms

Efficiency and Computability (Theories that inform practice)

Ethics and Social Values

Operating System Issues

Database Issues

Network Issues