This applet will view a series of slides.  For example the series
	Pic.001.jpg  thru Pic.021.jpg
	You need to define four parameters in your html file:
	"prefix" gives the first part of the filename before the period introducing the numbers
	Here this would be "Pic"
	"suffix" gives the part after the numbers, including any period. Here ".jpg"
	"maxSlideNum" is an integer giving the maximum slide number, here "21"
	"path" is the location of the slides relative to the codebase of the applet itself, for
	example "../Pix/" For a directory named Pix at the same level as the codebase. 
	This applet often crashes under Netscape if you give it too many slides, since Netscape
	tries to cache them all rather than releasing the memory they require.  This makes
	backing up faster, but limits the number of slides you can show.  You can try to give
	Netscape more memory, or reduce the sizes of your slides.  
	You can actually change the name of the file while the applet is running by editing the 
	two text fields in the applet interface.  This doesn't automatically set the numbers
	back to 001 however.  The reset button will do that, however.