JWiki Distribution

Here is a zip file containing the Java Wiki (JWiki) that is used in some of the Pace University programs. (posted October 10, 2003)

A wiki is an interactive web site. This is the server that creates the site. Any visitor to any page can edit the page, though pages can be individually password protected.

This is an open source project created by Richard Keene and extended by Joseph Bergin. Keene seems to have disappeared from the net so I am distributing this for now. If you extend it, or want it extended, contact me so that it doesn't wind up with too many inconsistent versions.


I believe that others have worked on it, including Keene and I do not have their changes here, so the project seems to have forked. I would appreciate any information that might be used to properly merge the forks.


This wiki was built conservatively with Java. It should run on any Java system since it was built with JDK 1.1.7. If you extend it, please keep it simple and continue to use only this Java version to aid portability. This means that it runs with nearly any browser as a client.


If you extend it, you must make your extensions public as well, including source code.