A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming

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Karel the Robot Takes You On A Guided Tour of the World of Objects!

For years, Karel the Robot has been gently introducing novice programmers to the fundamental concepts and skills of programming. Now Karel tackles the exciting world of object-oriented programming!

Karel lives in an elaborate Robot world filled with objects. With you at the helm, Karel explores this world and manipulates the objects within. Your instructions to Karel are in the form of an analog equivalent of C++ or Java, which emphasizes logical deduction and spatial reasoning rather than calculation and algebraic reasoning.

Once you learn the details of Karel's deceptively simple programming language, you will soon be designing well-structured programs that instruct Karel to perform surprisingly complex tasks. Along the way, you'll be exploring the art of solving programming problems in an object-oriented paradigm!

Avaliable to accompany this book is a software simulator that guides you through the pitfalls of C++ and Java programming. By the time you've worked through this fascinating programming project, you'll have a fast, clear understanding of object-oriented programming, and the comcepts and skills of good programming!

 -- Spicy -- A Beta Quality Version of the Simulator We are making a version of the simulator available here. It is very usable. All of the exercises in the book were tested with this version. Enjoy. One version runs on the Macintosh and the Power Macintosh. The Windows version is also here. A new version has been produced that will run on Windows (and other systems) by translating Karel ++ programs into Karel J Robot programs. Follow the above link.

Macintosh "Karel++ World. Preliminary Documentation for the Karel++ Simulator". This is to accompany the above version of the simulator.

Windows "Karel++ World. Preliminary Documentation for the Karel++ Simulator". This is to accompany the above version of the simulator.

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To help you evaluate the book for your uses, part of it is here online.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Robot World
Chapter 2 Primitive Instructions and Simple Programs
Chapter 3 Extending the Robot Programming Language
Chapter 4 Conditionally Executing Instructions
Chapter 5 Instructions that Repeat
Chapter 6 Advanced Techniques for Robots
Appendix A Robot Programming Summary
Appendix B Differences Between Karel++ and C++
Appendix C Differences Between Karel++ and Java


 -- Spicy -- New Exercises, submitted by educators. These exercises do not appear in the book.

The instructors guide is now available. Instructors may request a copy from their Wiley representative. Instructor's Manual: Karel++, ISBN 0-471-17303-7. It contains hints for the instructor in teaching the material as well as solutions to the exercises. Visit Wiley to obtain it.

You can now find the online version of the instructor's guide on this site. It has everything except the solutions to the exercises. To get the solutions you need to get the printed guide from Wiley.

Karel++ and Java

Karel++ is about as similar to Java as it is to C++ and can be used to introduce either language. However, for those who would like to see a version of the book that is very close to Java, click on the title of this section. Note that there is now a simulator for this version.

There is now a Java specific version with its own simulator. See the new version.


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