Temperature Applet

Press any of the four buttons to create a new GUI of that type. You can have several of each if you like. They are all linked through the same TemperatureModel, so manipulating any of them changes the others as well.

Remember that each of these appears in a new window, so clicking on one of the buttons on this page will make this window frontmost, hiding the GUIs. Just search for them behind this page and bring them forward. If you leave this window without closing the GUIs they will probably crash.

The code executing here is not exactly as shown in the MVC page. It resized the frames slightly to allow for the applet banners.

If your browser won't display this applet you may need Sun's Java plugin. This was built with Java 1.3.

Here is the driver code that we use for this demo.


Last Updated: April 8, 2002