Temperature Applet

The applet has no interface except for the floating frames. The code executing here is not exactly as shown in the MVC page. It resized the frames slightly to allow for the applet banners.

If your browser won't display this applet you may need Sun's Java plugin. This was built with Java 1.3.

This is all there is to the Applet:

public class TemperatureApplet extends java.applet.Applet
	public void init()
	{	TemperatureModel temperature = new TemperatureModel();
		new FarenheitGUI(temperature, 100, 100);
		new CelsiusGUI(temperature,100, 250);
		new GraphGUI(temperature, 400, 200);
		new SliderGUI(temperature, 300, 100);

And here is the html tag that views it.

	<applet archive = mvc.jar code = TemperatureApplet.class width = 1 height = 1>