Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Data Structures

Joseph Bergin - - Pace University, New York

During the Fall of 1995, I will be teaching an object-oriented course in Data Structures using C++. This course (CS 241) will emphasize Data Abstraction as implemented using object-oriented techniques. The textbook is by myself:

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To order, see the McGraw-Hill Book Catalog. Or visit

For those students with an inadequate background in C++, I recommend either

Another excellent book, that will help any programmer develop a good C++ style is

The main text for the course is packaged with a library of programs. Later versions of these programs may be obtained below. Also, there are a number of Adobe/Aldus Persuasion presentations that the student may find helpful in understanding the material. These may be downloaded and played with the Persuasion Player on either the Macintosh or the IBM/PC under Microsoft Windows. This library is partially incomplete. Course instructors may obtain the complete library from McGraw-Hill.

I strongly recommend that the student use either Borland C++ or Turbo C++, version 4.0 or later on the IBM/PC, or CodeWarrior V6, or Symantec C++ V8 or later on the Macintosh. On Unix systems, GNU works well, though I won't be able to furnish executables for the full library for anything other than a DEC/Station unless you can give me a secure account on your own UNIX machine.

Obtaining the Software

The Course Library (Student Version)


Download Mac version (BinHex format)


Download PC version (ZIP format)


Download UNIX version (tar.Z format)

Additional materials, including updates to some of the packaged files.

Data Structures files (text format).

The Presentation Files

Not yet available. Sorry.

Adobe (Aldus) Persuasion Readers
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