Do the Right Thing
Joseph Bergin

Things are bad. Really bad.

When things are bad it is really tough and bad things happen.

When things get better the bad stuff doesn't happen any more and you feel good. Really good.

Do the right thing. Make the bad thing better.

Resulting Context:
Things are good. Really good.

Known Uses:
When you were small your father would make the Monsters Under the Bed go away just by sticking his head in your room. He did the right thing.

When you are really sick, eat your Mom's chicken soup. Only your Mom's. Only she knows how to do the right thing.

Related Patterns:
Deep Thought, Law of Unintended Consequences

With thanks to Spike Lee, who, as Mookie in his film "Do the Right Thing," did the right thing. Decisively.

With thanks to my sponsors, the developers of Prozac, for a generous grant (product), which made this possible.


Note and disclaimer. If anything can be a pattern, then this is. If patterns are just a literary form, then this is. However, if patterns are about resolution of forces and solving problems in context, then this is just fun. And no, I did not actually have a grant from Eli Lilly and Company. That too was just fun. Enjoy.