More Treasures

As you can see from this, I like nice things, especially handmade things. More specifically, one of my special interests is things made by traditional peoples from around the world. The Hmong are a group of people from Southeast Asia that were strong allies of the US during the Vietnam war and were somewhat badly treated when it ended. There are many now in the US

What you can't see here is how messy I am. This all looks very neat and spare. Wish that it were so.

A Shaker clock I made from a kit. The plant shown is about 20 years old. The garlic basket on top of the clock is Maya.

Hmong needlework. Escape from war.

Treasure shelf & another Hmong tapestry. The shelf, basket, and round box on top are Shaker reproductions. The pottery is from local artisans and special friends. The round basket on edge on the third shelf is Native American.

Some of my pans & spices. The spice rack is from a craftsman in Maine.

Sammi knife and needle safe on a cherry table I built from a kit. The pillow is Hmong work. The Sammi are usually called Laplanders by outsiders. They live in Scandinavia and Western Russia. The knife and scabbard are made from Reindeer antler, hide, and bone.

Moose and Swedish horse playing on keyboard.