This section is under heavy construction. At this point some of the slide sets are available but with no explanations. This may be added later. More slide sets may also become available.
Slide shows 1, 2, and 3 will be especially helpful when dealing with the microGCL project.
Slide shows 4 and 8 are a good transition to the big project.

The following are PDF files. You need the Adobe Acrobat reader/plugin for them. Adobe Home Page
  1. Recursive Descent Example (MicroGCL) (17 slides)
  2. Data Structures in a Compiler(46 slides)
  3. Designing Semantic Information(11 slides)
  4. Information Flow in a Compiler(12 slides)
  5. Generating Parse Tables for the Compiler(11 slides)
  6. Semantic Error Recovery (6 slides)
  7. Defining Arrays (22 slides)
  8. Operation of the Symbol Table (9 slides)
  9. Finite Automata, Regular Expressions, and Scanning (24 slides)
  10. Procedure Call and the System Stack (9 slides)