ITiCSE '98 Workgroup

Dublin, Ireland


This page is a place holder for the results of a workgroup to be held at ITiCSE '98 in Dublin in August. The topic of the group is:

Curricular Opportunities of Java Based Internet Software Development

The workgroup leaders are Joseph Bergin of Pace University, and Thomas Naps of Lawrence University.

The workgroup call for participation.

ITiCSE '98Dublin home page.

ITiCSE General (all years) home page

Members of the Group

FrontRow: Teräsvirta, Nevison, Pothering, Lawhead, Bland. Back Row: Ng, Holliday, Bergin, Hartley, McNally, Lewis, Naps.

Constance Bland Mississippi Valley State University
Stephen Hartley Drexel University
Mark Holliday Western Carolina University
Pam Lawhead University of Mississippi
John Lewis Villanova University
Myles McNally Alma College
Chris Nevison chris@CS.COLGATE.EDU Colgate University
Cheng Ng La Sierra University
George Pothering College of Charleston
Tommi Teräsvirta tterasvi@cs.Helsinki.FI University of Helsinki

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Final Report (Initial Version)

Here is the final working group report translated to html.


Here is the ACM SIGCSE page which has lots of resoruces.

The Object-Oriented Page.

Nan Schaller's Computer Science Page.

The SIGCSE Computing Science Laboratory Repository.

The Pedagogical Patterns Home Page.

Joe Bergin is developing a course in Java Internet Programming for this Fall. Here is the student main task page, with lots of resources. This page will change. There are pointers here to many of the things suggested below in Things to Think About.

From Tom Naps:
The Lawrence University Visualization Materials

Mark Holliday's work on Networking and Database is here.

From Chris Nevison we have:
Here are links to the pages that have information on the CSP model implemented in Java:

Steve Hartley's Concurrent Programming using Java is here.

Myles McNally has this Pascal Graphics Page. And he promises to do some of this in Java soon. I will update the URL when he sends it, but it is worth a look now.

Pam Lawhead contributes the JADE (Java Algorithm Demonstration Environment) and may be viewed here.

John Lewis has written a CS1 Java text called Java Software Solutions (Addison Wesley)

Cheng Ng mentions Tom Anderson's NACHOS operating system student project, written in Java.

The Sol Java Server at Pace University

Things to Think About

Model View Controller
OOP Design
Internet Programming
Distributed Programming
Visualization/ Animation
Course Modules

Portfolio of the Group at Work

Subgroup Research

Gathering Online Resources (Resources, Resources)

Poster Session (Nevison missing--probably out gathering more resources)

Putting It All Together

Another Draft? More Resources?

Final Edits

Afterwards--Enjoying Dublin's Pubs

Ireland's Past