Chat Administrator's Handbook

Joseph Bergin
Pace University

Distributing the system

Create a directory on your web server and put all of the class files produced from a build as well as the ChatApplet.html page into this directory. The server must be running a Java system. Clients can access the client by linking to the html page whos URL they must be given.

Starting the server

The command to run the server is

Java ChatServer

This command must be given from the distribution directory mentioned above. You can also run the server in the background. On a UNIX system the command is

Java ChatServer    & 

If you run it this way you will be given a process number that you should remember. It will be something like 63341

Once the server is running clients may connect.

Shutting down

Kill the process you started when you started the server. Control-C (PC) or Control-D (Unix) will do this. If you ran it in the background on a unix system you can kill the process with

kill 63341

assuming that 63341 was the process number that you were given when you started the system.


Last Updated: August 20, 2001