Chat Client Handbook

Joseph Bergin
Pace University

This document describes how to use a simple four user chat system. It assumes you are running a PC, though it will work from other systems with Java.

Connecting to the Applet

Get the URL from the administrator. Open your browser and link to this URL. You must have Java enabled in your browser for this to work.You may also use the applet viewer with the command:

C:\jdk1.3\bin\appletviewer ChatApplet.html

or similar, depending on your Java instalation.

If there is no server running, you will get an error message in the large text area in the middle of the applet.

The Input Field

The Input Field is a single line text field at the very top of the applet. It's initial contents are "Type your messages here." To use the system type anything into this field and then either hit the return/enter key or the button at the bottom of the applet.

Note that empty lines will not be sent. Your chat line is sent to the server and then echoed to all connected users, including yourself.

The Chat Area

The large text area in the middle of the applet is where the messages appear. Each user has a number assigned by the system and a line from a user will be tagged with his or her number.

The Send Button

The button at the bottom labeled "Send a Line of Text" will also send the current contents of the input field if it is not empty.


You can type BYE as a line of chat to disconnect. The server will no longer respond to you if you do this. You can also quit the browser or applet viewer.

Last Updated: August 20, 2001