Graphical User Interface Programming for Multi-Platform Applications in Java 2.
GUI Programming in Java for Everyone
(Version 3)

Joseph Bergin
Pace University

This started out as a single paper and has now evolved (degenerated?) into a series. I hope it is useful to you. I'd apprreciate feedback on it. You can mail me at the above address. There are a number of related papers at the above URL also.

This is a work in progress and it will be updated as new information arives and time permits. Note that the information here applies Swing. More precisely it is based on the Java Foundation Classes.

The event structure we use here is discussed in the paper: Doing Java Events Correctly by Bergin


For more on how to think about programming to get you to the point of using this stuff see the following two papers by Kent Beck on the Portland Patterns Repository

  1. Early Development:
  2. User Interface:



Last Updated: September 26, 2001