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This site is currently under construction. It will eventually serve as a resource for Java internet programming. As such it will support a number of simple servers that illustrate web techniques in Java, including Java access to data base services and other net services such as Gopher.

Also included will be a number of links to interesting sites. We are especially interested in providing services to other computer science educators.


The Java Home Page is.


There are lots of Java resources at


You can also use altavista to search for "java". Be sure to use all lower case letters in your search. If you search the Web you get java resources. If you search Usenet, you get all discussions of Java in all newsgroups. See bottom of this page for the altavista search engine. You can also subscribe to comp.lang.java

Java is available over the internet from ftp.javasoft.com. It will run on Suns, Windows/95, and on the Macintosh under System 7.5.

Here are two sites at javasoft.sun.com.

Java Developer Connection - Home Page

Java: Programming for the Internet

More on Java
Digital Espresso = Usenet Summaries.

The Java Generic Library (JGL) . From Object Space. This library is roughly equivalent to the Standard Template Library of C++, but is tailored for Java. It is very good and complete. It is being bundled with many Java compilers (Codewarrior, Borland...). You can download it from here.

A Java Zine. Check it out.
A Java Newsletter that you can read on the web or subscribe to.

Java Code

Additional materials, including sample Java code.

Java files (text format).

Java Applets

Some sample Applets:

Java Servers

Suggestions for Programmers

Using Inner Classes and Interfaces Together



"Java in a Nutshell, 2ed," David Flanagan, O'Reilly & Associates, 1997. This combines a good explanation and solid reference materials.

"Java Network Programming," Elliotte Rusty Harold, O'Reilly & Associates, 1997

"Core Java 2ed," Gary Cornell & Cay Horstmann, Prentice Hall, 1997 . Excellent examples and a guide to actually using Java.

"The Java Programming Language," Ken Arnold & James Gosling, Addison Wesley, 1996 . A good description of the language itself, by its creators.

"Concurrent Programmin in Java," Doug Lea, Addison Wesley, 1997 . Explains how to use the concurrency primitives to do interesting things. It is a course in concurrency, not in Java.

"The Java Virtual Machine Specification," Tim Lindholm and Frank Yellin, Addison Wesley, 1997 . The details of the inner workings of Java.

"The Java Class Libraries," Patric Chan and Rosanna Lee, Addison Wesley, 1997 . This is a reference work.

"Computing Concepts with Java Essentials," Cay Horstman, Wiley, 1998. This is an elementary programming book that uses Java. It is intended for beginners.

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