OOPSLA '98 Educator's Symposium

Vancouver, BC

October 19, 1998

Mary Lynn Manns, Chair

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Featured Speakers:

Grady Booch

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Martin Fowler

Norman Kerth

David Delano

(Notes made by Helen Sharp as the speakers made presentations.)

Panel Participants:


Workshop Reports:

Joe Bergin:

ITiCSE '98 Report on Java Resources

Robert Biddle, Rick Mercer, and Eugene Wallingford:

Report on Evaluating Object-Oriented Design

Jutta Eckstein and Richard Wiener

A Paradigm Shift in Teaching OOT


Christopher Colby, Radha Jagadeesan, Konstantin Läufer, Chandra Sekharan

Interaction, Concurrency, and OOP in the Curriculum: a Sophomore Course

Joe Bergin

Java 1.2 Container Critique


Mahesh Dodani:

Facilitation Exercises

Facilitaon Slides

Anti-Patterns (JOOP, Vol. 11, No. 8, January 1999, pp. 58-63)

Poster Contributors:

Chris Phillips:

Early Design Exercises (Design exercises suitable for the first course).

Joe Bergin:

GUI Programming in Java (Tutorial)

Java I/O Explained

Internet Software Development in Java (a course)

Karel++ (book and simulator)

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