Tai Chi for Life: advice from a novice

Karel J Robot Volume 2 Cover


This was written when I was about to become a Tai Chi instructor. I wanted to capture the sense of wonder of being a novice learner of this ancient martial art.

It isn't an instruction guide for Tai Chi but gives some bacground that novices might find valuable. I did, as I was learning.

I credit Tai Chi with improving my health and extending my life.

Each of the 25 pages is named as follows:

1 Why Study Tai Chi

2 How to Start

3 What to Expect

4 First Steps

5 Circles Within Circles

6 Martial Art?

7 An Early Lieson

8 Level Upon Level

9 Why So Hard?

10 No Such Thing As a Bad Move

11 Wude (woo deh) - How To Behave

12 New Kid In The Class

13 A Bit of History

14 Your Body

15 Patterns

16 Strong? or Fit?

17 Intention - Energy Not Force

18 Surprises

19 Closed and Open

20 Thinking or Doing

21 Breathing and Moving

22 Learning The Form

23 Components Of A Move

Wisdom In Few Words