Writing Patterns

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This book was developed for a graduate level course in Patterns and thier application. The students needed both background on the nature of patterns and guidance on how to write them.

This is a book about writing patterns: Software Patterns, Organizational Patterns, Pedagogical Patterns, etc. However, it doesn't contain many patterns. It isn't patterns about writing patterns. The material comes from advice I've given students in a course on writing patterns. It hopes to dispel some of the misconceptions about patterns and to ease the creation process. It is not, however, a book about what patterns are. You will need to get that information elsewhere.


Your Subject


Format of a Pattern

Format of a Pattern Language

Format of a Pattern Paper

Understanding Context

Understanding Problems

Understanding Forces

Understanding Solutions

Understanding Resulting Context

Know Your Audience

Naming Patterns and Telling Stories

Writing in the "You" Form

Scope Of A Pattern


Best Practice

Level of Abstraction

A Pattern In Development

Just Do It

Plan Plan Plan

Traveling Artifact

Keep The Ball Rolling

Tension In Patterns

Common Errors

The Process of Writing Patterns

Breaking The Rules




Sample Patterns

Singleton Password

Logical Interface (Maintainability) **

Gold Star **

Just Start


Gold StarĀ