CAM News

September 2001 - Pace University is awarded an Internet 2  grant from
the National Science Foundation. The NSF grant  will support research
and applications requiring  next generation  high speed Internet access.

CAM projects are at the heart of the research grant :
    CommonWall : A Shared Collaborative Space - Dr. Francis T. Marchese
        Investigate unstructured communication, group formation, and dynamics
        in room-size collaborative spaces at geographically distant sites.

    Collaborative Immersive Visualization - Dr. Francis T. Marchese
         Build low cost collaborative immersive VR technology based on
         personal computers.

   Advanced Networked VideoConferencing - Dr. Dennis Anderson
        Ubiquitous videoconferencing that supports peer-to-peer and
        group-to-group interchange.

   Pervasive Computing - Dr. Charles Tappert
       Maximizing broadband's potential to deliver content to handheld devices.