Pace University’s Center for Advanced Media (CAM) is located in the School of Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS). It was established to foster basic and applied research collaborations between Pace University and industry. Its goal is to develop computer-oriented, human-centered systems that help people solve problems by transforming the way they experience the world and the way they collaborate within it.

CAM is founded on Pace University's collective faculty experiences in software engineering, human-computer interaction, information visualization, and computer graphics. These computing fields are fundamentally human-centric, with design as the common approach to complex representational problems. Design processes vary across disciplines from arts to sciences to engineering. Visual artists, musicians, and writers possess different perceptual, design, and representational skills. The Center augments its computer science foundations with participants who work in the arts and humanities to broaden the research and educational mix.

Current research and development projects at CAM include:

The Center seeks comprehensive partnerships with commercial and non-profit organizations, particularly in the fields of finance, the sciences, entertainment, the arts, and communications.