Selected Publications

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Jean Coppola
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Francis T. Marchese
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Jillian Mcdonald

J. Mcdonald, eBay: Buy or Sell or Buy, Show Catalog , Pace Digital Gallery, Summer 2004.

Chuck Tappert
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Jennifer D. E. Thomas

J.D.E. Thomas, J. Coppola, M. Driver and B.Thomas, “Educating in Real-time
Robotel Classrooms”, in Proceedings of EISTA, Orlando, Florida, July 2004.


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with Technology”, in CD-ROM Proceedings of the International Applied Business
Research Conference
, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 14-19, 2004.


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of Instruction on Students’ Evaluations”, Journal of Computer Information Systems,
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Richard Velayo
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Background and Sex on Identifying Facial Expressions and Person Perception,”
 Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research
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