CS150 The Internet and Web Authoring

Pace University, Summer 2000
Mon/Wed 6:00-9:25 PM, Wilcox 21, Pleasantville

Instructor: Dr. Charles C. Tappert       
Email: ctappert@pace.edu
Office: Goldstein 325
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 5-6 PM
(except for weeks of June 12 and June 19, when hours will be Thursday 5-6)

Textbook: The Internet Book, Second Edition, by Douglas Comer, Prentice Hall
Required Reading: The New York Times:

Course Description:

This is an undergraduate course for non-CSIS majors. Through readings, presentations and practical applications, the course will transform students from passive users (or non-users) of the Internet to expert Internet explorers. Students will gain theoretical and historical knowledge and improve their practical skills in using the Net. The class will include opportunities for students to share their own expertise and/or research areas of interest.

The Internet is an evolving and dynamic medium. The time it takes to publish a book prohibits any single title from including the most current Internet developments. Therefore, students will be expected to read newspapers, magazines, journals, and online articles in order to stay abreast of the most timely information. To achieve the class goal of intensely exploring the Internet, students are encouraged to use the Internet to

Class participation will include each student presenting articles they have found on the class weekly topic. Students can work in groups of two or individually. A sign-up sheet will be available.

Grade Evaluation: