CS615 Software Engineering

Fall 2000, Thursdays 6:00-9:25PM
Pace Graduate Center, White Plains, Room 433

Instructor: Dr. Charles C. Tappert
Email: ctappert@pace.edu
Office Hours: Thursday 4-6PM or by appointment

Textbooks:     (Can be ordered from MBSbooks)
Software Engineering, Pressman, 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill (2001), ISBN 0073655783
The Mythical Man Month, Fred Brooks, Addison Wesley (1995), ISBN 0-201835959
Fundamentals of Project Management, Lewis, Am. Mgt. Assoc. (1997), ISBN 0814478352

Additional recommended but not required texts:
The Elements of Java Style, Vermeulen, Cambridge U. Press (2000) ISBN 0521777682
The CRC Card Book, Bellin and Simone, Addison-Wesley (1997) ISBN 0201895358
UML Distilled, Fowler, Addison-Wesley (2000) ISBN 020165783X

Course Description:
This is the first semester of a two-semester course on software engineering. Student teams are required to complete a project each semester. Calculators are recommended (one that does base conversions and x to the power y, cf. Casio fx 115W Plus ~$18).

Team Project: a team consists of 3-4 people

Grade Evaluation (1000 points = 100%):

Grade Assigned Score Definition
A  93-100% 930 or more points Dominates the Material
A-  90-93% 900-929 points Masters the Material
B+  87-90% 870-899 points Good Understanding
with Flashes of Stellar Work
B  83-87% 830-869 points Good Understanding
B-  80-83% 800-829 points Aptitude for the Subject
C+  77-80% 770-799 points Fair Understanding
with Flashes of Good Work
C  73-77% 730-769 points Fair Understanding
C-  70-73% 700-729 points Minimal Understanding
Less than 70%
Below 700 points -