CS615 Software Engineering

Course Project: Order Processing System

We are going to develop the project that Professors Joe Bergin and Fred Grossman created for the Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) students. Information about this project, including can be found at Bergin's Project Information Site and here's a link to his Four O-O Design Tools

Prof. Bergin says, "Once you get the code and unzip it you can build a Kawa project and try it out. Create a new directory for the contents of the zip file, however. I didn't give the zip file a directory structure."

Task 1 - due 10/5
Download the code, run the project, and examine its code. As you run and look at the code of the project, you should note that while it is sophisticated it isn't perfect. Prof. Bergin lists the following current flaws:

Task 2 - due 10/12

Instructions: Java SDK, Kawa, & Initial Code       Modified by Prof. Bergin

Project Requirements       Details 10/7/2000 (ignore team references)

Your task is to

Task 3 - due 10/19

More from Prof. Bergin:    Maintaining the Database       Java Events       Java GUI Programming       OO Java FAQ

Your task is to

Task 4 - due 10/26

Task 5 - due 11/9

Task 6 - due 11/16

Task 7 - due 11/30

Task 8 - due 12/7

Task 9 - due 12/14