Project and Client Information
ID Client Project with link to Description
1 Barbara Pennipede (Assessment)
Dr. Allen Stix, Chris Longo (CSIS)
Online Survey System
2 Dr. Barbara Thomas (Nursing School)
Jean Coppola (DoIT)
Nurse Information System
(port to Palm and WinCE)
3 Darshan Desai,
Shreenath Laxman (CSIS)
VoiceXML Application Development
System and Facility
4 Shreenath Laxman (CSIS)
Dr. Maryalice Citera (SUNY NewPaltz)
VoiceXML Applications
5 Darshan Desai (CSIS)
Computing Cluster Supercomputer
6 Dr. Sung-Hyuk Cha (CSIS) Experimental Handwriting System
7 Mike Sidaras, Bill Bernhey,
Dean Susan Merritt, Fran O'Gara,
Bernice Houle, (CSIS)
Monitoring/Tracking System
8 cancelled cancelled
9 Dr. Chuck Tappert (CSIS) Project Group Assignment System
10 Dr. Fred Grossman, Dr. David Sachs,
Tom Lombardi, Chris Longo (CSIS)
DPS External Website
11 Dr. Chuck Tappert (CSIS) Experimental Web Application
12 Dr. Stuart Varden (CSIS) Test Item Reliability Analysis System

Potential Future Projects
ID Client Project with link to Description
1 Dr. Chuck Tappert (CSIS) Wearable Computer System
2 Jean Coppola (DoIT) Internet2 Research Projects
3 Dr. Chuck Tappert (CSIS) Project QA System
4 Dr. Bel Raggad (CSIS) Automated Suggestion Box System
5 Dr. Bel Raggad (CSIS) Security Planning System
6 Nancy Hale (Technology Systems) Pace Online Form Processing System
7 Dr. Chuck Tappert (CSIS) Generic Course Information System