Project Deliverables

Team Website

Form and Format of Deliverables

1. Overview and Requirements Document

The overview and requirements document consists of the three parts. The first part should be brief: a one-page client agreement plus 2-4 additional pages. The second part should be done carefully, 2-10 pages, and its size depends on the project since some projects will have, for example, more use cases than others. The first two parts concern only what will be delivered this semester. The third part should be no more than one page and is simply what your team estimates they will add to the project system next semester. This document should be posted on your team website and hardcopy delivered to your instructor on the date due.

2. Design Document

The design document will vary depending of the nature of your project - that is, whether it has hardware, a web interface to a database, a website, a database, etc.

Final Documentation (looseleaf notebook with titlepage and the following tabs)

  1. Overview and Requirements Document (updated)
  2. Design Document (updated)
  3. Implementation Document: Code listings, etc.
  4. Testing Document: see Pressman, Chapters 17 & 18
  5. Users Manual: e.g., include screen shots of web interface
  6. Printout of Web Pages from Team Website
  7. Draft of Paper for Publication - typical sections include: