Project Support and Demos

This page contains information about the project development environment and the software that might be useful for developing the computer information system for your project.

Project Development Server

We provide a project development server to which you can FTP your project files for system development and testing, see Student Development Server FAQ.


This software allows you to easily upload files to and download files from a server. WS_FTP is available in two different versions, the Professional (Pro) version and the Limited Edition (LE) version. WS_FTP LE is shareware, available for free to educational users. Download WS_FTP

PHP/MYSQL Demo   Cold Fusion Demo

This is the same demo in two different scripting languages: PHP and Cold Fusion. The database consists of three tables: Courses, Students, and Students-Courses (which students are enrolled in which courses). There are initially three students: Mariano Rivera, Tino Martinez, and Derek Jeter; three courses: CS504, CS603, and CS615; and each student takes two courses. PHP provides a Web interface to the database.

If you login as the administrator (name and password = "admin") you can add a student, add a course, list the students in a course, list the courses taken by a student, reset the database to its initial data of three students and three courses, or logout. If you login as a student, you will see the courses in which you, the student, are enrolled, and you can add a course, drop a course, change the password, or logout.

That's the demo! From the initial Web page you can download a zipfile of the PHP or Cold Fusion code for the demo so that you can see how it works. These demos should be of help to many teams, and especially to those that have projects with a Web interface to a backend database.

PHP: Hypertext PreProcessor

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. If you are new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, try the Introductory tutorial. After that, check out the Online manual, and the example archive sites and some of the other resources available in the Links section.

The advantage of PHP over other scripting languages is that it is suppports Classes. It works with all Databases and especially makes a powerful combination when used with MYSQL as back-end.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is a product that provides webpage tags similar to HTML but for interacting with a database -- for both populating the database and for extracting information from it. This is an easy way to interact with a database through webpages. The Cold Fusion software is installed on the server and it processes the Cold Fusion tags. It is installed on many of the Pace University servers and will be installed on the project development server.

Therefore, all you need to do is to learn the Cold Fusion tags and include appropriate ones in your webpages, which will now have the Cold Fusion file extension cfm, i.e. filename.cfm. Several books on Cold Fusion are on reserve in the library at the Graduate Center for your convenience. And here are the Allaire Cold Fusion help files.

Database Software

Microsoft Access should be sufficient unless other database software is specified by your client. The Database software suggested with PHP scripting is MYSQL. The Tutorial is available along with the Online documentation. The Database software can also be Downloaded for free for local use.


For help with coding problems, particularly PHP and Cold Fusion, contact Naresh Trilok at