A Collaborative Web-Based Citation Management System

The goal of this project is to develop a system that operates as a CGI application, stand-alone end user tool, or back end server to assist in maintaining bibliographic web pages.

It should have the ability to take a partial citation like an ISBN and retrieve a full reference from The Library of Congress or other Online Public Access Catalogs using the Z 39.50 information retrieval protocol and merge the full catalog record into a web page of citations, generate XML and BibTex representations of the bibliography, accept SOAP queries, and allow someone viewing a bibliography page that it generates to flag some set of citations and automatically 'send' them to another user or bibliography managed by the system. In the latter case, the new citation would be merged with the receiving bibliography and become visible (possibly after the owner's review) to any visitors of that page.

Such a facility would serve the needs of students and faculty who are constantly building web bibliographies by hand and have no way to automatically move citations between them. Ideally, the resulting code would be adopted by academics everywhere.

(Note: This idea was an outgrowth of the early Digital Library phase of The Continuity Project.)