VoiceXML Applications

This team will work on three applications. One is under development by DoIT that needs to be improved. The second is a new application that is required for corpus collection. The third, an absentee sytem, was initially developed by last year's team and it needs to be improved and possibly deployed to the DoIT hardware.

Pace University White Pages

DoIT currently has a Pace University White Pages application running on hardware donated by Ascent Technologies, try 914-944-2960. However, this system needs work to perfect the directory and to add yellow pages. For the directory, the interaction dialogue and the pronunciation of names need to be improved, and nick names might also be added. This team will work with DoIT to improve this system.

Corpus Collection Application

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems require sizable speech corpora for language training and testing. This application system will be simple yet flexible and able to record a large multilingual corpus of telephone speech for research in speech recognition. The system will contain two modules: one for speech data acquisition and one for data verification. Your contact for this application is Dr. Jonathan Law.

Absentee Application

Last year a VoiceXML Absentee Application was developed for students to report their absences. A better use of such a system would be for the university staff and employees to report their absences, e.g., "Pace University Employee Absentee System." Employees who are sick, or for other reasons will not be going to work, call the VoiceXML number and are led through an automated dialog that records the pertinent information and stores it in a database. The employer can access this information through a Web interface. Other systems needing the information, such as payroll, could also access the database. With potential for any reasonably-sized organization, this application could be developed into a commercial product by those with an entrepreneurial inclination.

Although the student absentee system was implemented on the TellMe voice portal, Pace University's DoIT now has an Ascent Technology VoiceXML hardware system for hosting applications. For this application, the team will develop the Pace University Employee Absentee System and port it to that hardware under the direction of DoIT.

As a minumum, the absentee system must be kept running on TellMe to record student absences in CS615 and CS616.