Wearable Computer System

This project is for students interested in working with both hardware and software.

Human-computer interaction (HCI) has not really changed for several decades and we continue to use the highly successful graphical user interface commonly referred to as the WIMP (windows, icons, menus, pointer) interface. However, for several reasons this paradigm will not meet the uses of computers in the future. First, computers are getting smaller and the size factor makes graphical user interfaces impractical. Computing is becoming more pervasive with wireless communication and this also reduces the size of computing devices. Second, the push to make computers easier to use is leading us in the direction of interacting with machines in human modalities, such as speech, handwriting, and gestures. As we begin to explore new interaction techniques for small mobile devices and for devices embedded in automobiles and homes, we need to better understand the available techniques and combinations of techniques.

The team activities will consist of the following:

Note: A reasonable amount of funding for this project is available. Some equipment, such as a HMD, is already available. Other equipment should be determined as early as possible due to ordering and delivery time constraints.