Allaire Developer Resources

Welcome to the worldwide community of Allaire developers! From the moment you install our software to the day you launch your site - and beyond - Allaire's services organization is ready to help. Your success is important to Allaire. We've dedicated substantial resources to Professional Services, investing heavily to build the worldwide resources, the support infrastructure and the partner relationships to keep you and your team moving ahead through each phase of the development process.

Allaire Developer's Exchange

The Allaire Developer's Exchange is an online self-service library that allows visitors to view, contribute, and download multiple types of content, and allows contributors password access to administer their contributions. Sections currently include:

Custom Tags

Custom Tags can be used to provide a tag-based wrapper around anything in the ColdFusion universe - including client-side HTML, Java and JavaScript, all of CF's native server-side interfaces (QUERY, LDAP, POP, etc.), and any external server-side code (through CFHTTP, CFOBJECT and CFAPI). Common uses of Custom Tags include Utilities & Functions, UI Components, Business Rules Components, Intelligent Agents, and Application API's.


ColdFusion Web applications provide a wide range of solutions for e-commerce, interactive publishing, business systems, and collaborative computing. If you have a commercial Web application, please enter your information here.

Web Content

No one builds a Web site with text alone. We've created a new section in the Developer's Exchange to help you share the content you're most proud of. If you've created (or host a site that maintains) fonts, custom button images, audio, graphics, style sheets, animation, applets or JavaScripts, feel free to load in a subset of your content here and highlight your wares to your colleagues. If you're looking for something to add to your own pages, please stop in and take a look around.

Visual Tools

Visual Tools are components that are used to extend the Homesite and Cold Fusion Studio development environment. This category includes such things as Snippets, Custom Dialogs/Tag Editors (VTML), Tag Insight Additions, Toolbars, Color Palettes, Templates, Add-In Help, and Guides.

Java (Applets & Servlets)

Java can be used to build and extend your web applications. Java servlets are components that can be used to extend the functionality of your Web server. Servlets are capable of retrieving data from various sources (including databases and file systems) and rendering the data as HTML or XML for your web clients. Java Applets can be used to expand the capabilities of the Web pages your clients read. Applets allow web-browsers to display complex and interactive controls (such as trees and tables) that are not available using standard HTML technologies.

Allaire DevCenter

Accelerate your development process. Visit the Allaire's online DevCenters for product updates, custom tags, sample applications, components, third-party tools and specialized information on security, scalability, performance tuning and e-commerce. These product sections contain the latest technical information available and include white papers as well as Beta product news and articles from Allaire staff. DevCenters are currently available for:

Allaire DevCenter Newsletter

All technical articles and product announcements that are posted to the Allaire DevCenters on a weekly basis are compiled into a monthly archive available to you via Email. Subscribe in seconds to this newsletter to stay current on the latest techniques, technologies and news from Allaire.

Third-party Web Sites

In addition to Allaire's online DevCenters, there are a number of third-party resources and Web sites as well. Frequency of updates range from weekly to bi-monthly, and content scope ranges from beginner to advanced across all of these sites. If you're looking for technical forums, brief technical articles, custom tags, employers or employees, you'll find many of these to be a great resource. Note: this reference list is not to be considered a formal endorsement by Allaire.

Discussion Groups

Real problems call for real answers. Allaire offers the expertise of the Allaire technical staff, the advanced developers in Team Allaire and other Allaire customers. Team Allaire is a team of experienced Web developers who provide technical advice based on their own real-life development experience with Allaire products. Look for Team Allaire members in the ColdFusion Support Forum, HomeSite Support Forum, and the JRun Support Forum.

There are also a number of discussion groups that are available from external resources. The leading list service is provided as a service of House Of Fusion, and there are lists for:

ColdFusion Job Bank

There are a number of on-line resources for ColdFusion developers and employers at your disposal. Along with the major industry job boards such as The CareerBuilder Network, The Monster Board, and CareerMosaic, many of the ColdFusion on-line magazines also have integrated job banks for ColdFusion developers and employers. The Web site maintains a list of all currently relevant resources for your convenience.

Allaire Security Zone

The emergence of Web applications and "public" computing over the Internet creates new security challenges for IT managers and developers alike. Look to the Security Zone for security bulletins and technical briefs that provide information to customers about significant security issues.

ColdFusion User Groups

Allaire ColdFusion User Groups play a very important part in sharing information and forming professional relationships to help move the software industry forward. ColdFusion User Groups are no exception, and have had great success worldwide, as more than sixty groups are now meeting on a regular monthly basis.

A complete list of ColdFusion User Groups is posted on the Allaire Web site, and there is also information on how to start a new group if there isn't one in your area. These events are the best way to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the Allaire developer community, and you can use this venue to meet with your colleagues and exchange ideas, business cards, and experience.

Allaire Developer Conference

The Allaire Developer Conference is Allaire's biggest event of the year, and started with our first worldwide conference in Boston in 1999. Our 2000 conference is planned for Washington DC, and as the years continue, more information on all annual conferences can be found at the link below. It's the biggest ColdFusion event of the year. Don't miss your chance to see what your counterparts are doing with ColdFusion and hear the company's vision for the future of Web application development.

ColdFusion Developers Journal

ColdFusion Developer's Journal brings you in-depth perspectives from the leaders in the ColdFusion and Web Application development community. In addition, CFDJ features reviews of the newest and most innovative products on the market from our experienced staff of writers. Check out the next issue of ColdFusion Developer's Journal for: interviews with the most influential people in the industry, ColdFusion tutorials, CFDJ tips, tricks & techniques, ColdFusion FAQ's, CFDJ News from the industry, ColdFusion Career Opportunities and much more. In addition, CFDJ's website offers the latest on-Line ColdFusion Information and allows readers access to the hottest ColdFusion jobs, ColdFusion discussion forums, special offers from CFDJ advertisers and more.