Technical Support for Allaire Products

We offer a variety of support services and programs to help you find the information you need, when you need it.

Electronically, you can obtain valuable technical information through our web-based support services including our Installation Support System, Knowledge Base, and our Support Forums. All of our electronic support services are offered free of charge.

Telephone support services are available toll-free within the US and Canada from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 8PM US Eastern Time.

To help you to locate the technical information you need as quickly and easily as possible, we suggest the following path:

  1. If your technical issue is related to product installation, you are entitled to free web-based installation support through our Installation Support System. To determine if your technical issue is considered to be installation-related, review the Product Installation Definitions.
  2. If you need information about site security, visit our Security Zone. The Allaire Security Zone is a web-based service designed to address concerns and issues relative to site security. The Security Zone contains Allaire Security Bulletins (ASB) and technical briefs that offer important security-related information. Subscribe to the Security Zone's Notification Service now to automatically receive important security information that can help you to reduce the risk to your site.
  3. Refer to our Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions article for answers to commonly asked questions for all of our products.
  4. Search our Knowledge Base for articles specific to your technical issue. Our Knowledge Base contains hundreds of articles on a wide range of technical topics for all Allaire products. For help on searching our Knowledge Base, refer to article #1581, How to search the Knowledge Base.
  5. Search our ColdFusion Support Forum, HomeSite Support Forum, and JRun Support Forumfor developer discussions relevant to your technical issue. Our Support Forums contain thousands of threaded discussions on a wide range of topics for all Allaire products.
  6. Additional technical information is available in our Developer Centers. Go to our ColdFusion Developer Center, HomeSite Developer Center, and JRun Developer Center for access to product documentation, discussion groups, technical reference libraries, and more!
  7. Still need help?

    Determine the type of interactive support best-suited to meet your need based on the following information:

Refer to the Allaire Telephone Support page of our website for information on contacting Allaire for telephone support, support programs, and pricing.