Biometrics Information System

This project team will create a biometrics database with a Web interface to the information in the backend database. Initially, the database will be populated with speech data (.wav files) and keyboard input data. DPS student (and also CSIS adjunct instructor) Arthur Phidd, who is working on the recognition of a person's nationality from speech patterns, will be the customer for the speech component of the system. DPS student Robert Pottinger, who is working on user authentication from keyboarding patterns, will be the customer for the keyboarding component. The team will be given a program that collects the keyboarding and mouse movement data. The database should be constructed so that other types of biometric data can be added at a future time. An example of a similar database for speech samples can be found at George Mason University's Speech Database.

An interactive, speech-data quiz might also be created to measure the nationality recognition accuracy of trained linguists. This accuracy will serve as a baseline for either an automated or untrained user system.

If time permits, this team can develop a nationality recognizer that operates on the speech data and/or an authentication program that operates on the keyboarding data.