Transactional Business Process Middleware (TBPM)

Middleware, or "glue", is a layer of software between the network and the applications. This software provides services such as identification, authentication, authorization, directories, and security. It tends to be used exclusively for exchanging business critical information. It exports automated process management services to other applications/enterprises via the Application Programming Interface (API) and is seamlessly embedded within existing applications.

TBPM is a Process Management/Work Flow solution that enables end-to-end Business Process Automation and Transaction Management between trading partners. It is a component-based solution that allows the combination of all aspects of the business -- processes, people, resources and tools -- into a productive comprehensive workflow. It primarily facilitates the exchange of transactional information.

The goal of the project is 3-part:

  1. Evaluate the current, state-of-the-art mechanisms in transaction processing in both the vertical industry sector and the cross-industry sectors
  2. Develop a new TBPM by combining the current mechanism with Document Management
  3. Design the new TBPM in such a manner that it can be easily used across multiple industry sectors
Student working on this project will learn the working of Business Process Engines and Transactions Management across various industries. They will go through the steps of requirements specification, design, development, and testing of the TBPM system.